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Shooting Info

This page is a detail on Moana's equipment, her experience and her rates.

Experience Moana has been shooting and editing video for the last 10 years. Training productions, Adventure racing: Primal Quest, Documentaries, Sporting Events and on rare occasions if requested, weddings.
Equipment High Definition Canon XH-A1S video camera with shotgun mike.
Basic Shooting rates Personal base rate: $35.00/hr: meetings, storyboarding. Shooting rate: $150.00/hour. (one camera with shotgun mike) OR $650/day max rate
Editing/Computer rates $75.00/hr. Final Cut Pro editing.
Voice over and Music Music tracks and voice overs will be an additional fee to be determined with client. Price will depend on music track or Voice selected. Hire out or I can supply a voice over track myself.
Contract Pricing Depending on the project and length, we can work within your budget and come up with a set price.